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In the photo: The Cape Coast Castle

The tourism sector is poorly developed and offers good investment opportunities.

The country has beautiful beaches especially in the eastern area that is also rich in castles, once used for the slave trade and now used as museums and proclaimed UNESCO sites.

There are also several parks, but accommodation facilities are scarce. Internal and international air connections are good; the main European and American companies are present.


The rich cultural heritage of Ghana, its naturally hospitable population and its commitment to a democratic government have made it a peaceful, safe and politically stable country.

Ghana receives the highest number of tourists who visit Africa for cultural purposes, placing Ghana among the 10 most popular tourist destinations in Africa and making tourism the most promising sector of the national economy.


Ghana is not a destination for mass tourism, but promotes sustainable tourism: cultural tourism, festivals, events, rural tourism; paths centered on the route of slaves; eco tourism, proposals - adventure. Ghana has many natural parks and offers visitors the unique experience of "trekking safari" (Http://


The territory of Ghana offers the opportunity to participate in the numerous traditional festivals, such as the rituals of puberty of the Krobos, the Aboakyir of the Winneba, the Homowo of the Ga's, the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed by the Damba, the Hogbetsotso of the Anlos tribe, the Adae of the Ashantis.


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