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Form of Government: Republic

Total land area: 238,533 sq. Km

Population: 28,308,301 ab. (2016 estimate)

Density: 118.68 ab./kmq

Coordinates: lat. 11 ° - 5 ° N; long. 3rd W - 1st E Capital and Largest City: Accra 2 070 463 ab. (2010)

Currency: Ghana Cedi (100 pesewas)

Human Development Index: 0.579 (139th place) Head of State and Head of Government: H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo ( NPP), elected on 7th December,2016 and assumed the office of Presidency on 7th January,2017.

National Assembly: seats according to the elections of 7-XII-2016: NPP (New Patriotic Party), 171; NDC (National Democratic Congress), 104

Internet: (Ghana Statistical Service) Member of CEDEAO, Commonwealth, UN, UA, WTO, EU associate, OAS observer.


Vehicle identification: GH

International telephone code: 00233

Entry documents: Passport with Visa Required vaccinations: yellow fever (mandatory) and antimalarial prophylaxis (recommended or recommended in some areas of the country)

Electric voltage (Volt): 230

Driving license: Italian

Driving lane: right

Internet code: .gh

GMT Time: 0

Daylight saving time: not applied

Average annual temperature (° C) Accra: 22.4 Average temperature January / July (° C) Accra: 27.5 / 24.5 Precipitation per year (mm) Accra: 790

Accra rainy days: 58

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