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Infrastructures and Building

With a yearly persistent growth, the construction sector in Ghana is increasingly dynamic and driven by private sector companies. Because there is a strong link between construction and economic activity, the expected economic growth in Ghana and the emerging oil industry suggest that demand for construction goods and services will increase in the coming years.

The construction sector, in particular for the civil housing and infrastructure sectors, appears to be very promising.

A study conducted by the Central Bank of Ghana has shown that around one and a half million civilian housing is needed in the country. Faced with this great demand, the Government has chosen to welcome foreign companies willing to invest in the country.

In terms of infrastructure, Ghana needs to expand the road network and rehabilitate existing rail networks, build new power plants as well as transport networks for gas and oil. Expansion and restructuring of the Tema and Takoradi ports is also a priority task of the Government. Connected to the construction sector is the production and installation of aluminum and PVC windows and furniture for furniture works.


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