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In the photo: "Porta di Lampedusa - Porta d'Europa", work of the Master Mimmo Paladino.

A necessary meeting


The island of Lampedusa is 113 kilometers from Tunisia. Trade and cultural exchanges are considered famous in a region that, thanks to its history, maintains a fascination in the eyes of Italians and Europeans.

The proximity to Africa and its people is continually evoked during the dramatic crossings of men, women and children who try to reach the door risking their lives.

The meeting between Sicily and Africa (better "the Africas'') is not an option but a neccessary meeting held to build a strong atmosphere of unity, cooperation and a business platform, alongside making provisions to resolve the tragic evidence of the victims from African communities desperately crossings the sea in quest for greener pastures within the territories of Sicily.

The Ghanaian community is present in the city of Palermo with more than 3000 people and is the largest and the fourth largest African community.

Through the Ghanaians of the Diaspora it is possible to get closer to a developing country, whose stability has been recognized and indicated by many as a virtuous for many African countries.

The meeting with Ghana unveils unexpected business opportunities for Sicilian companies, invited to take on inclusive business initiatives, projects rooted in human promotion, respecting the fundamental human rights. Under these conditions, a necessary meeting can be considered a sought-for meeting and, for mutual enrichment.

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